Some websites die, progress for the worse, or benefit for recreation. Ideas get recycled, reinvented, abused, and improved. So it goes with web-based audio technology. If you need a replacement site or are just looking for new ways to listen to free music without trouble, then read on.

Albumbase is Dead

There once was a site called that pointed to complete albums uploaded on Rapidshare and other download sites. It has been down for some time, but more and more smaller communities are returning in their place.

Album Hunt is a similar service that offers full album archives to registered users. After signing up, searching is as simple as typing the album name or the artist. The only problem is the downloads no longer work after a while or if someone uploads a copyrighted album and it violates the hosting terms of service.

Musire is another free album downloads source, but it doesn’t require registration. Places like these thrive on confirming broken links and fresh uploads. The more users, the more chance of a growing selection.

Online Media

SeeqPod is an interactive search that functions like a web music player.
Features in-browser controls for instant listening, as well as playlist management to add, rearrange, and delete your queue of song files. This is not made for downloading, since it gives no option to save mp3s- only to sample them. is a search tool that lets you preview each result (it actually lets you play the entire song) to the right of your search. When you are ready to share it or post it, copy the code to embed the mini flash player to your blog, email, or other internet destination.


If pandora is giving you the same old recommendations with the same songs, try finetune which offers basically the same thing.

Happy musical adventures to you all! If you haven’t already, be sure to check my original 11 search engines for finding mp3s.