Round two of the monthly mixtape. I’m still behind and that is alright because I am spreading these out.

“Break My Body/Hold My Bones.” Those few words get trapped into my earbanks. This song is about as gritty as it gets this month. Here’s a live version.

I have SXSW to thank for this song being available for free download. Nothing quite life-changing, but pleasantly atmospheric.

“What’s the World Got in Store” by Wilco – music clip
Surprisingly no media to go with this one. Working hard? Feeling tired? Regardless, you gotta wonder.

My Morning Jacket has masterpiece material. This-geetah doesn’t have any official videos, but this seems to be the only fan recording you can actually make out the audio of. Poor quality; tremendous sound though. Wish I could have seen them live.

Coming off the Bootleg Series is “If You See Her, Say Hello.” This is the, the, the defining recording of this song. Stripped, but more complete. Powerful lyrics. This version would qualify as my favorite song if it were pressed onto Blood on the Tracks. It puts me in silence.

Beck. “Guess I’m Doing Fine.” A crisp live performance. Speechless.

Press My Face Up to the Window
to See How Warm It Is Inside
See the Things That I’ve Been Missing
Missing All This Time

Practically all of the album Stereo by Paul Westerberg fits in my monthly playlist, but I won’t bore you with the best thing that never happened. Here’s some of the clinching lines and a few videos to wade in…

If you can’t get me now
I don’t want never

if you need someone
to tell everything you’ve done
then lie to me
i’m the one who can still pretend

Heartfelt is a lame word to use to describe it, but I feel something and I feel it deep when I breathe.

I love listening to this. It’s not really a sad song. It fits any mood for me, even ones I have yet to experience. The solo electric guitar in a soft barren composition is none-of-a-kind. Ooh, I’m gunna have to borrow my own pun for a song of my own…

This band makes me think I skipped part of my life. I first heard them in high school. I never pursued them, but they weren’t exactly my type. The album is good, at least from my tainted nostalgic view. Normally, I’m not into pop-punk stuff and I even cringe a bit with this live delivery. Something to Write Home About is one of those albums that I have a old memory of early in high school. I won’t be able to get rid of it.

There are a few other songs, but they might not have held a month-defining title as much as they did a-moment-in-that-month. Or I got lazy because there was no video. Mysteries forever (unless you hack my iPod)! You should dive for the memory. You stand a chance.