The illegal music sampling of Gregg Gillis has continued. The new e-mix came out this month and I was able to throw my ears at it on its day of release despite the slammed computer servers. Girl Talk now has mirror downloads that should let anybody have a listen to his album-length of recomposed pop bits.

We are informed that “All Day is intended to be listened to as a whole.” So take from it what you will and don’t let your ears sample fragments of the fragments of the whole.

Girl Talk succeeds in making a fairly seamless setlist with his arsenal of disparate tunes. There are strokes of genius and then the house paint hits the fan like a Pollock painting. Girl Talk has the riffs and the rhymes, and they work well together. But does it top what we’ve heard from the DJ? At times, but I think his short blips need to be packed in even tighter. The micro-remix is his signature and it doesn’t need to be drawn out. At times, the self-induced A.D.D. in me wanted to hear the next track mixed in sooner and sampled before the theoretical earlid could shut it out. My short term memory should have a home-run in forgetting what I just heard, by the trance of melody and beat diving in and out of consciousness as new sounds make their abrupt appearance. I’d say the mix is great, and other times I’m just not immersed 100% in the content–the recycled now of today’s music. It sometimes wreaks of stale pop echoes fading into remix infinity. My earspan doesn’t extend to include the familiar mainstream of what I end up being exposed to in public airwaves.

It also sounds like he re-remixed some of the bits on Feed the Animals, and he probably did. And that is a good thing. We come to expect a bit of comfort food that we can come back to. And still… it’s new, fresh, and creative. He uses a handful of other’s mouths to speak, and it is great puppetry.

We need more of this stuff. Remix is an art that gets smashed by copyright oppression. This is sprinkles in an empty ice-cream bowl of cultural demand in the nano-second entertainment industry. That is fast enough for our technological lives. Sieze culture by the attention-grabbing horns. Maybe we will listen.

Have your listen below:

Girl Talk – Steady Shock [mp3; snippet 10/13]